Jaguar Driver Assistance Features Overview

Jaguar Driver Assistance Overview at Jaguar Easton

No matter what type of driver you are, staying safe behind the wheel is a universally appreciated. To help keep you protected from the unexpected, Jaguar has developed a series of groundbreaking safety features found throughout the model lineup. Known as Jaguar InControl Driver Assistance, these innovative technologies are engineered to keep the driver alert, aware, and safeguarded from the unknown. To help you gain a better understanding of how these features work and how they can benefit you, Jaguar Easton has assembled this in-depth guide to Jaguar InControl Driver Assistance. Our team is standing by to demonstrate how Jaguar vehicles are among the safest on the road.

Parking Assistance Features

Front & Rear Parking Aid

Front & Rear Parking Aid

This groundbreaking feature uses sensors mounted at both the front and rear of your Jaguar vehicle. After you put the vehicle into reverse, the touchscreen display inside the cabin will show how close you are to obstacles and provide audio alerts to notify you. Using this feature helps you maneuver in or out of a tight space with greater confidence.

3D Surround Camera

Jaguar 3D Surround Camera

Get a bird’s eye look at the surroundings of your vehicle you can use the available 3D Surround Camera. A simple glance at the touchscreen display in front of you reveals exactly how close you are to an obstacle, making it simple to squeeze into a tight space with minimal effort.

Clear Exit Monitor

Jaguar Clear Exit Monitor

On occasion, drivers aren’t the only ones that can use some extra protection from the unexpected. The clever Clear Exit Monitor feature is able to detect approaching vehicles and cyclists. If a hazard is detected, an illuminated warning will appear in the door to prevent an accident.

Rear Traffic Monitor

Jaguar Rear Traffic Monitor

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re forced to back out of a parking space and you can’t see what’s behind you? Even when your view is blocked, the Rear Traffic Monitor can alert you of obstacles, hazards, pedestrians, and other vehicles behind you. Audible and visual notifications let you back up safely and with confidence.

Driving Features

Emergency Braking

Jaguar Emergency Braking

Emergency Braking is designed to reduce potential collisions. If you fail to detect a slowing or stopped obstacle in front of you in time, your Jaguar can take corrective action by applying the brakes for you. This technology helps mitigate and reduce the likelihood of a rear-end collision.

Lane Keep Assist

Jaguar Lane Keep Assist

Even if you continue to drift out of your lane, Lane Keep Assist is able to help. This cutting-edge feature can gently guide your Jaguar back into the center of your lane to keep you headed safely in the right direction.

Driver Condition Monitor

Jaguar Driver Condition Monitor

Long road trips can certainly take a toll on your energy levels and awareness. The Driver Condition Monitor routinely checks up on your reaction times and can provide a visual warning should you begin to show signs of fatigue or drowsiness.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Jaguar Traffic Sign Recognition

To help you stay informed behind the wheel, this innovative feature displays current speed limits and other road sign information directly on the instrument panel. Even if you’re driving on unfamiliar roads, you’ll have all the information you need to drive safely.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Jaguar Adaptive Cruise Control

If you find yourself driving in stop-and-go traffic quite often, Adaptive Cruise Control can certainly come in handy. When activated, your Jaguar will have the ability to maintain a preset distance and following speed relative to the vehicle in front. It’s even able to slow the vehicle if traffic in front is coming to a stop.

Blind Spot Assist

Jaguar Blind Spot Assist

When your Jaguar is equipped with this feature, your vehicle will provide corrective steering to guide your vehicle back to safety if you attempt to change lanes when another vehicle is in your blind spot. This technology helps prevent accidents and acts as an extra set of eyes on the highway.

Rear Collision Monitor

Jaguar Rear Collision Monitor

This groundbreaking feature can tell if a vehicle approaching from the rear is not slowing down and could present a high risk of collision. Next, the system will provide a notification to the rear vehicle by automatically flashing the hazard warning lights.