Jaguar Reimagine Strategy – All-Electric Future of Jaguar Cars

Jaguar Reimagine Strategy - All-Electric Future of Jaguar Cars

As a brand, Jaguar has remained at the forefront of innovation ever since its inception. Always pushing the boundaries of performance and modern luxury, Jaguar is poised to set a new industry benchmark for both sustainability and progress. By 2025, Jaguar vehicles will be powered solely by electricity while retaining the signature British craftsmanship and design that’s made them popular with driving enthusiasts all across the globe. Below, you’ll find additional details and objectives surrounding the all-electric future of Jaguar. Stay in touch with us at Jaguar Easton for more information regarding the bright future of the Jaguar brand.

Jaguar Reimagine Electric Future

Jaguar Environmental & Sustainability Objectives

Known as Reimagine, the all-electric future of Jaguar vehicles focuses on combining environmentally sustainable goals with the peerless design and innovation that’s been synonymous with the brand and its vehicles. Engineers will also begin to explore other energy alternatives including clean fuel-cell power using hydrogen. Engineering, manufacturing, materiality, and circular economy investments are additional examples of areas that will be bolstered by Reimagine. Other objectives are listed below:

  • Jaguar transitions to an all-electric luxury brand by 2025
  • Jaguar Land Rover aims to achieve zero carbon operations by 2039
  • Clean-hydrogen fuel-cell power development will begin
  • Global assembly and manufacturing footprinted will be reorganized and streamlined for efficiency

“As a human-centred company, we can, and will, move much faster and with clear purpose of not just reimagining modern luxury but defining it for two distinct brands. Brands that present emotionally unique designs, pieces of art if you like, but all with connected technologies and responsible materials that collectively set new standards in ownership. We are reimagining a new modern luxury by design.”Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, Tata Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC

Jaguar Manufacturing UK

Jaguar UK Remains Stronger Than Ever

True to the brand’s heritage, Jaguar remains committed to investing in the United Kingdom. With improvements to the manufacturing infrastructure along with additional research and development resources, the UK will remain home to Jaguar innovation and assembly. Highlights are listed below:

  • Halewood plant in Merseyside, UK, to become an all-electric manufacturing facility
  • Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, UK, to be renamed Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre
  • Jaguar reaffirms Reimagine strategy, with new House of Brands approach to accelerate delivery of modern luxury vision
  • First of three reimagined modern luxury electric Jaguars will be a 4-door GT built in Solihull, UK

“Today I am proud to announce we are accelerating our electrification path, making one of our UK plants and our next-generation medium-size luxury SUV architecture fully electric. This investment enables us to deliver to our modern luxury electric future, developing new skills, and reaffirming our commitment to be carbon net zero by 2039.”Adrian Mardell, Chief Executive Officer

To complement the growing electric portfolio of luxury vehicles from Jaguar, additional resources will be dedicated to improving and expanding the global EV charging network to help streamline the way drivers make the transition to an all-electric driving lifestyle. Jaguar is positioned to become an industry leader through its combination of sustainably-rich vision and tireless pursuit of excellence.